Spring/Summer 2007 cover art
Nine years of publishing in Canada.
While things in life go 'missing' all the time, they're rarely forgotten . . .
LICHEN's final issue, Spring/Summer 2007, entitled "Missing", included the work of: Brian Bartlett, John Barton, Jonathan Bennett, George Elliott Clarke, Jeramy Dodds, Steven Heighton, Steven Laird, Mark Medley, Sharon McCartney, Robyn Sarah, Ingrid Ruthig, Gwynn Scheltema, Ruth E. Walker & many others. Read the ad here.  
News and kudos about some former LICHEN contributors and editors. . .
* Past contributors whose books you might like to check out are: Allison Baggio, Mark Callanan, Grace O'Connell, Jonathan Bennett, Cornelia Hoogland, Jim Nason, Stuart Ross, Moez Surani, Ania Szado, Paul Vermeersch, along with many others.
* Founding editor Ruth E. Walker launches her novel LIVING UNDERGROUND (Seraphim Editions) in September 2012. For dates and info, visit http://ruthewalker.ca/books/living-underground/.
* Editor Ingrid Ruthig's work appears in The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2012 anthology (edited by Carmine Starnino and Molly Peacock, and published by Tightrope Books.) 
* Founding editor Rabindranath Maharaj won the Trillium Book Award as well as the Toronto Book Award for his novel The Amazing Absorbing Boy in 2011.
* Editor Ingrid Ruthig launched two new books in fall 2011: Richard Outram, Essays on His Works and Slipstream. Visit here: http://ingridruthig.com/text/
* Editor Steven Laird's poetry collection Mary Moorman Shot Abraham Zapruder Shooting President Kennedy Getting Shot is available on Lulu.com. Click here. 
* Contributor Johanna Skibsrud won the 2010 Giller Prize for her first novel THE SENTIMENTALISTS! 
* Contributor Darryl Berger published his first book, Punishing Ugly Children, with Killick Press.
* Contributor Tony Press, whose story "Viper's Smile" first appeared in LICHEN, 2006 writes: "This story was the first of mine to be published, and I remain proud that it was LICHEN that chose it."
* Contributor Jeramy Dodds' first poetry collection CRABWISE TO THE HOUNDS won the 2009 Trillium Award & was shortlisted for the 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize & the 2009 Gerald Lampert Award.
* Contributors Sharon McCartney and Antony Di Nardo's poems from LICHEN were longlisted for anthology The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2008.
* Founding Editor Ruth E. Walker was nominated for a National Magazine Award! Read more here.
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LICHEN publishes "work that, while strong on craft and accessibility, is also fresh, engaging, risky; insightful
and inciteful." - Books in Canada
*Image at top of page: a collage of selected past LICHEN cover art by Steve McCabe, Ingrid Ruthig, Randall J. Rospond, LauraTaylor, Dianne Horvath, Rick Bogacz & Bryony Beckitt.
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